If you have never played before, here are some basic tips…

When does the season end?

  • We have year round booking!

What are the age requirements?

  • No one under the age of 17 without adult supervision.
  • No one under the age of 13 permitted.

What should I bring?

  • Wear boots!  You want to wear something that can handle getting around in the dirt and mud.  Cleats are OK, but on varied terrain, ankle support is best.  A good pair of boots can make getting around on our hills a bit easier, possibly even giving you an edge in the game!
  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Long pants, and long sleeve shirts recommended.  If you want to be really prepared, bring an extra pair of shorts and a shirt for your ride home, just in case you end up getting dirtier then you expected.
  • Remember you’ll also be in a wooded area, some camouflage can help, stay away from bright colors if at all possible.  White shows up pretty easily in the woods, darker colors work better.
  • Bring something to drink.  Water is available, but it never hurts to have some extra.  People often forget that when running around they can become dehydrated, this could put a serious crimp in your fun.

Can I use my own gun?

  • Yes, as long as it is stock class.  No electronic triggers.  Neither burst nor full auto fire is allowed on the field.
  • All non-rental guns must be chronographed by a referee to at or below the field limit. No Exceptions!

What are the general rules?

  • Saftey first.
  • Never under any circumstances lift or remove your mask while on the field.
  • Never remove the barrel cover when off the field.
  • Obey all referee instructions.
  • No physical contact among opposing teams on the field.
  • If you are hit by a paintball and it breaks, you are out.  Yell out or hit,  put your barrel cover on, place your gun above your head and slowly come out from behind cover and walk off the field.
  • If you are hit, and it bounces, or otherwise doesn’t break, yell no break, and continue playing.  This allows your opponent to know that you checked to see if the ball broke on you.
  • If you call yourself out, but discover that the paintball did not break, you are still out.  The act of telling other players that you are out means that you are.  Always check yourself before calling out
  • If your gun is hit you are not out, continue playing.
  • If you come within 10 feet of another player, you have the option of asking them to surrender.  If they agree, they must call themselves out and walk off the field.   They have the option of trying to shoot you, but most rational players will surrender.
  • Do not overshoot players, do not shoot out players who are walking off the field, and do not shoot the referees.  These are common sense rules.  No one likes to be hit a lot, and no one likes to be hit when they are already out.

Does it hurt?

  • Getting hit with a paintball.  We’re not going to lie and say you won’t feel it.  It stings a bit when you get hit.  This is why you must wear a face mask at all times while on the field, and why we suggest clothes that cover all of your skin.